z/OSMF 2.4 - Autostart during IPL

This entry focuses on the configuration of the z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF) autostart during an IPL. The goal is to have it started as soon as possible.

Also, z/OSMF startup can be very slow (few MIPS or on emulated systems) due to the reorganization of the help system index (IBM Knowledge Center) that it includes. We will learn how to disable it.


We will use the following manual:


Different scenarios are shown in the manual (depending on the desired configuration). In my case, I only have one system. The prerequisite is to have z/OSMF already running.

There are several possibilities to indicate the parameter file that z/OSMF will use. We can indicate it in the IEASYSxx member or in the IZUSRV* task.


To know the IEASYSxx member in use, we will use the command:


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In this case, the member used is IZUPRMNO.

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For this version of ADCD, I will change the parameter "IZU=NO" to "IZU=00" because the IZUPRMNO member is not fully configured and z/OSMF will not start automatically.

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If the parameter is not in the IEASYSxx member, we can look in the PROCLIB which IZUSRV* task we are using, to be able to identify the parameter member.

There we will look at the parameter IZUPRM, in my case, it is the parameter file IZUPRM00.

In addition, we look at the parameter KCINDEX. This parameter serves to avoid the reorganization of the index of the z/OSMF (Knowledge Center) online help.


In z/OS 2.4, it is already integrated. For z/OS 2.2 and z/OS 2.3 there is a PTF:

It is recommended to start the first time with "KCINDEX='Y'", so that it generates the index and then change it to N. It would only be necessary to put it to "Y" if there are any changes in the online help (for example, after applying PTFs that affect z/OSMF).


We can also keep the parameter at "N" by default in the parameter file.  When we need to start the task for the reorganization to take place, we can use the command


NOTE: In our configuration, the IEASYSxx member indicates a different parameter file than the one indicated in the IZUSVR1 task. In this case, the IEASYSxx member prevails.

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Modify the corresponding PARMLIB member IZUPRM00. We have to check two parameters:


“LOCAL” indicates that it will autostart the z/OSMF server for the group we indicate in the "AUTOSTART_GROUP" parameter.

“CONNECT” indicates that it will not attempt to autostart the task, but will try to connect to the z/OSMF server if the group is the same.


Used to indicate the group of z/OSMF. This way, other systems could connect to the z/OSMF server in the same group.

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Once these changes are made, in the next IPL, z/OSMF will start automatically (Tasks: IZUANG1 - IZUSVR1). The complete startup of the IZUSVR1 task may take 10 minutes.

After that, we can access the web by the link (check the port in the configuration file):

In my case:


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We can also access the "REST APIs" available through the link:

In my case:



The "REST APIs" are used to access system resources (datasets, console, filesystems, jobs...) from our own applications (javascript, php, java...).

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